Long Beach Charter School Teaches Intellectual Virtues

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It was a good opportunity to get students while theyre still being formed as learners. IVA Principal Jacquie Bryant said that middle school is a time when students define and redefine themselves. Often, however, they define themselves based on appearance, she said. I think at IVA were encouraging students in the classroom to define themselves by their habits of mind, she said. I think thats going to affect how students look at themselves and also their confidence in who they are. The small size is also an advantage of the school, Jude said. With fewer than 60 children at IVA at the moment, his teachers can take more time to meet students needs.
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Spokane to have first charter school

I still love what I do, she said. The boards proposed Early Childhood Performance Management Framework would extend a system that is already being used to measure the success of charter schools serving older students and sort them into tiers. It was designed to give parents a better understanding of how charter schools compare to each other and to provide a common yard stick to show how they are meeting the goal of preparing the citys children for success later in school. Five school leaders were among about 50 people who submitted comments to the board. Most of the respondents were parents who urged the board to give social and emotional learning more weight in any kind of evaluation tool .
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D.C. charter board asked to reconsider preschool ranking plan

Contact Customer Service by email or call 800-338-8801 Spokane could have the first charter school in Washington by nextfall. It will be a historic and controversial development closely watched by school administrators, teachers, politicians and education reformists throughout thestate. Voters approved charter schools last year, and Spokane Public Schools has dashed to be among the first districts to allow the independent schools to form and operate within itsboundary. On Wednesday the state Board of Education gave the go-ahead, though a pending lawsuit brought by the state teachers union could unravel the charter schoolinitiative. Today is a historic day for the board, said board member Cindy McMullen.
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