The Problem Of Cyber Charter School Funding In Pennsylvania

posted on 21 Oct 2013 07:32 by scarictrindantca

Speaking for myself, the decision whether or not to raise taxes is much easier to contemplate if the costs I'm considering paying for are as minimal, or reasonable, as should be expected. Perhaps this is an utopian vision, but on the local level, it should be achievable. After the lengthy overview, the purpose of this article is to assess one of the great costs to local school districts in Pennsylvania: cyber charter school funding. Students who reside within a given school district have the ability to attend a cyber charter school at a cost to the school district based on the average cost to educate a child within that school district, even though the cost to educate the child at the cyber charter school, is on average, $3,000 less . There are also problems of equity, or simply logic .
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