Michigan Charter And Cyber School Bills Lack Quality Controls

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Charter school reform bill now positioned for Pa. Senate vote

Studies elsewhere have also found the quality of cyber schools to be inferior to those of traditional public schools. Cyber schools were the subject of a recent investigative article in The Nation about a small group of lobbyists who stand to profit from legislation like that in Michigan. The piece noted that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the de-facto leader of these lobbyists, has been to see Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) twice to press for more open cyber school laws in Michigan. Johnson said he voted no on the cyber school bill in late October because of quality concerns.
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In response to concerns about university authorizers, Smuckers revised bill introduced parameters on which universities could open charter schools and where those charters could be located. Only the two dozen or so universities headquartered in the state that offer doctoral degrees in education with at least 2,000 students could grant charters that allow a school to operate anywhere in the state. Universities offering bachelors in education with at least 2,000 students could grant charters to schools that operate in the county where the university is located. And any other university with at least 2,000 students could open charter schools located within the school district where the university is located. One of the concerns we heard was that universities could authorize schools at a distance from their location and the other concern, a legitimate one, was to ensure the authorizers are providing the oversight needed to ensure the charter school is performing well, Smucker said. Still, Susan Spicka, co-founder of Education Matters in the Cumberland Valley, a midstate-based public education activist group, said this provision is still problematic.
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Cyber school increases education

Every individual cannot be catered to in a public school system. There are rules set up for the masses and there are teachers set up to teach in a classroom setting. Students who may not be self-motivated, self-disciplined, good at managing their time, and who are codependent do well in the tradition school system. However, children can learn better, experience better, and overall be more successful, in a personal, individualized setting such as a cyber school. The traditional school system helps students prepare academically for their future beyond high school and helps them to focus on what career field into which they want to go. I believe it is important to prepare and plan for our futures and take the required steps needed to reach our goals.
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Push Is On To Fix Charter School Funding

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These costs are driving [traditional public school's] programs into the ground." Nick Trombetta, chief executive of PA Cyber Charter School, which has more than 11,000 students on its rolls this school year, says Fleck's proposal would deliver a "death blow" to school choice in Pennsylvania. "There is no joy on our side regarding this legislation," he said. "It really lacks any thoughtful investigation into what's being provided to our children, what our parents need and what our students want." State Auditor General Jack Wagner, who has been outspoken about what he calls needless overspending on charter and cyber schools, said his office is preparing a new report on the issue that could be released later this month. The study is similar to one done in 2010 that found drastic disparities in what districts pay when one of their students attends a charter school.
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The Problem Of Cyber Charter School Funding In Pennsylvania

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Speaking for myself, the decision whether or not to raise taxes is much easier to contemplate if the costs I'm considering paying for are as minimal, or reasonable, as should be expected. Perhaps this is an utopian vision, but on the local level, it should be achievable. After the lengthy overview, the purpose of this article is to assess one of the great costs to local school districts in Pennsylvania: cyber charter school funding. Students who reside within a given school district have the ability to attend a cyber charter school at a cost to the school district based on the average cost to educate a child within that school district, even though the cost to educate the child at the cyber charter school, is on average, $3,000 less . There are also problems of equity, or simply logic .
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